Thursday, September 25, 2008

Film Director catches cab in Busselton

I had a brush with fame recently when I picked up Peter Carstairs in the taxi from the finale of Cinefest Oz, a French-Australian Film Festival held in Busselton a couple of weeks ago.

The finale party was at The Goose and I took him to Dallyellup, near Bunbury which gave us plenty of time to chat about making movies and the Australian film industry. Peter directed the film "September", a coming of age story centred around the relationship between two friends, one black, the other white.

I haven't seen the film so I can't comment on it, but I did like the director!
He lamented the fact that the movie lost money despite being well received critically, but confided that almost all Australian films lose money.
He was staying at his parent's place in Dallyellup which backs up this fact.

There's just two days to go until the end of the school term, and three days until The BIG GAME. Lots of people seem to be tipping Hawthorn to win. They're in with a chance for sure but people should not quickly forget how dominant Geelong have been this season, having lost only one game. Carlton in 1995 and Essendon in 2000 had similarly dominant seasons and both went on to win the flag. It's no guarantee but it should provide the best guide as to the likely result on Saturday. Two teachers at school, Chris and Cam are both Hawthorn fans so there's a fair bit of ribbing and repartee happening at the moment.

The second biggest sporting event of the week occurs in Busso tomorrow night, the A Grade Volleyball Grand Final between my team, Six Pack, and traditional rivals Breakaways.
This will be my first A Grade GF. Two seasons ago I fell and broke my ankle when my team were two sets to nil ahead in the preliminary final and went on to lose 3-2. Hopefully this time I can make amends.

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