Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not the Result I was Looking For!!!!

Rats Rats Rats!

The Hawks beat the Cats!

You can't kick 23 behinds and expect to win a Grand Final.

Hawthorn were good but Geelong let themselves down badly in front of goal.

Pity The Heir who was at the MCG, his first Grand Final and his team loses.

I'm disappointed but not devastated, perhaps because we won it last year.

I've never liked Hawthorn and I like them even less now!!

Hopefully this loss will burn deeply inside the Cats and drive them on to victory next year.

To go through an entire season with just one loss and not win the premiership is a very disappointing result. Gerard Whately was unequivocal on the ABC, the Cats choked when it mattered most! I tend to agree. They had some very good players but it's about the whole team getting the job done and they failed.

It will be a long wait for a shot at redemption but bring on 2009!


Anonymous said...


funny to see gazza crying

funny to see the arrogant fans crying


Marcus said...

Funny you didn't have the guts to leave your name!

Zaac said...

funny how sad you'd have to be to get off on someone elses heartache.

Phils Phun said...

Hi Marcus
Bridesmaids again
Keep smiling
Phil C