Friday, September 05, 2008

Checking on Pop

I heard on the Triple J news at lunch time that three people had been killed in a car and truck crash just near Gympie in Queensland. Dad lives in Gympie so I thought I'd better check he was OK. I wasn't too worried but felt the need to call just in case and when he took a long time to answer my pulse rate rose a beat or two. Thankfully he answered the phone then said ironically in response to my question, "How are you?", "I'm still alive"!! I was very glad to hear it. With the critical question dealt with, we embarked on a good long conversation, ranging from Vicki's health to family relationships to house properties and (inevitably) blogging.

Pop professes to hate telephones but I'm not sure why, I invariably have good conversations with him on the phone, punctuated with much laughter at both ends. With only a little bit of hinting he also encouraged me to wish him an early Happy Fathers Day as he will probably be at Greenies on the day.

Not a recent picture but the first one I could find on the computer!
Is this a preview of me in 10 years I ask myself?

Sport Boy is not getting better, in fact he's possibly getting worse, making the likelihood of him playing soccer on Saturday getting slimmer and slimmer. He did come with me to watch the team train this afternoon which was probably more cruel than comforting. The team have trained well this week so at least they'll be well prepared for the game, but with Sport Boy and Ben A sick and unlikely to play the task will be tough.

My volleyball game tonight was very probably a rehearsal for the Grand Final, between us (Six Pack) and Breakaways. There's a pretty intense rivalry between the teams and with the finals only two weeks away it was a close tense game. We lost the first set but came back strongly to take the second then held on in a tight finish to take the third set and win the game. Stu, the captain, said it was my best game of the season so I must have done something right! I did feel pleased with my game and even got 3-4 spikes in for winners, no mean feet when it requires getting this hulking frame airborne at the net!!
I reffed one game and got someone else to do my second one so I could come home and keep working on my current painting. I'm in the groove at the moment so I like to keep going when the creative juices are flowing.

I have a very important meeting tomorrow afternoon at 2.30. You know the drill, can't say anything more at the moment, but I will give details as soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

I hope the little guy gets better soon..

3-4 spikes, that's impressive. Do they lower the net for you?

:-) Go Tigers

Anonymous said...

come out with it mate! what's up? you planning to become a belly dancer? a nudist? a pastor? a nude pastor? a violinist? a belly dancing nude violin playing pastor? dont worry, we are with you, which ever it is.

Peter said...

I should have picked you up on this one before.... you are now about the same age as I was then!!!!!

Peter said...

Just look at that black hair!!!!!!

Marcus said...

You mean the wispy bits over the balding forehead?

If we are indeed comparable ages (me now, you then) I have to say I'm holding my age better than you did!!