Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Long Now

Mrs Holt Press will be home in a couple of hours and I think we'll all be glad about that. I looked around at the things that hadn't changed since she left a week ago, like the dishes in the sink, the clothes on the line, the gas bottle unordered... I'm going to plead my case on the basis that I was sick! Wish me luck!

Favourite Daughter is also coming home for a visit, she has a break from her course at the end of her first term. Sport Boy had to move back into his own bed, which meant having to relocate the pile of clothes, shoes and recipe books that had accumulated on it over the last month.

He woke me early this morning in order to take him to Bunbury for a country week round robin, the team's last major practice run before the big event in a week and a bit's time. It was COLD, WET, WILD and WINDY which didn't deter the kids but had the parents rugged up and huddled into whatever shelter we could find.
Being woken early was bitter-sweet. I'd only had 4 hours sleep after a very ordinary taxi shift on Saturday night, I started at 4.00 and by 10.00 had only had 7 customers!! Thankfully things picked up after that but the night ended on an unpleasant note, with the worst smelling customer I've ever had, man he stank!! I had to drive all the way to Dunsborough with my window fully down just so I could breathe and considering that the foul weather started last night that wasn't an attractive option, but, the stench was worse!!

The soccer went well even though the Leewin kids didn't win a game, the coaches were upbeat and positive and the kids enjoyed themselves, all looking resplendant in their new, personalised, over-sized tracksuits!!

At the end we headed back to Busso in time for the Cornerstone club presentation awards. Sport Boy missed out on a trophy this season, partly perhaps because he missed a number of games through illness, but in a very pleasant surprise result, The Hair won the trophy in the 16's team for best team player of the season. All the trophies were awarded on the basis of parent's votes throughout the season so it was a most impressive achievement.
My focus on the presentations was seriously disrupted by a succession of phone calls to and from Mrs Holt Press and others as a result of Favourite Daughter running out of (lpg)gas on the way to work this afternoon (in Perth). Thankfully Greg and Demelza live close by and were able to come to her rescue and get the car going again so she could get to work. It certainly pays to have friends all over the place!

All things being equal, the two boys will both go to school tomorrow and I will return to work.

And the countdown to the BIG GAME begins tomorrow night with the Brownlow Medal. I'd love to see Gary Ablett win it but I have a sneaking suspicion Jimmy Bartel may just get up again.


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