Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Close But No Cigar

I feel very disappointed for Gary Ablett who for the second year in a row was favourite for the Brownlow medal and didn't win. Adam Cooney from the Bulldogs beat him by 2 votes.

Considering Ablett effectively missed 5 games with injury it was a great effort to get so close but the look of disappointment on his face as the final votes were read spoke volumes. In the end, too many other Cats players scored highly and took votes off him. Jimmy Bartel did worse than everyone expected but Joel Selwood, Joel Corey, Cameron Ling and Steve Johnson all got lots of votes. Just one more game would probably have been enough for Ablett to at least share the medal.

On the plus side, it may well spur him on to even greater heights in the Grand Final on Saturday and make him and the team more determined (if that were possible) to win the premiership.

At this time of year football becomes very personal!

Mrs Holt Press arrived home safely at 4.00 this morning after a very cold and uncomfortable journey in the Big Blue Beast. Consequently she slept for most of the day.

I had a psych appointment this afternoon then refereed a volleyball preliminary final before coming home to watch the Brownlow.

The other big news is that I got a ticket to the Grand Final in the Geelong member's ballot, that's what the previous post depicts, my successful number, 14615839.

However, in a twist of irony, I'm not going to Melbourne for the game! I can't afford it.

So, in possibly the single most sacrificial act and magnanimous gesture of my entire life, I am giving my ticket to The Heir! He is already in the eastern states, currently visiting Pop at Gympie, and flies to Melbourne on Wednesday. Half his luck!!

Go Cats!


Zaac said...

why did she get back at 4am?

Peter said...

Funny thing I would have thought the first thing would have been "Thanks Dad".

Zaac said...

i already did that on the fone

Marcus said...

Never hurts to express gratitude, especially in this context!!
It was not easy sticking the ticket in an envelope and posting it off today!!

Sophie worked until 11 so they couldn't leave Perth until after she finished.