Monday, December 31, 2007

Procrastination Part 2

I talked a couple of days ago about procrastinating. I am now in a mild panic as to whether I will complete a job for Beach Mission which starts on New Year's Day. I'm editing the newsletter this year and need to prepare half of each issue before we go. So far I've got three done. I need at least one more, possibly two! And I'm running out of time. We head back to Busso tomorrow. We have to pack and as we'll be camping for ten days, that means quite a big job. And I have to drive the taxi on New Year's Eve! (tomorrow night).

I'm not sure I will get it all done!!

While I was working on the newsletter last night I was monitoring Tottenham's progress against Reading on the Web site Match Tracker. It was the most amazing game of soccer I can ever remember! The scoring sequence went like this:
Spurs 1-0 up
1-1 (at half time)
Reading 2-1 up
Reading 3-2 up
Reading 4-3 up
Spurs 5-4 up after a goal scored from a rebound off a missed penalty!
Spurs 6-4, the final score!!
I was almost breathless by the end of it, I can't imagine what it was like for the players!!!

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