Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year

I saw the new year in in the taxi in an 11 1/2 hour shift. It was long but it was profitable, which is just as well cause I've just paid about $1000 worth of bills over the net in an attempt to get my financial affairs up to date before we go away.
We were in fact supposed to be in Augusta as I blog but a couple of things got in the way. Some domestic turbulence and the fact that I couldn't find the marquee when I went to pick it up from Cowaramup this afternoon! I found part of it but the bulk of it was not there which creates a very awkward problem for the rest of the team who have already arrived at Augusta and are awaiting the marquee so that they can set up the kitchen and meeting area/dining hall! It will be open air dining tonight and fingers crossed it doesn't rain! (It poured for the first three days last year!)

Meanwhile I need to track down either the missing marquee or a suitable replacement first thing tomorrow morning and get it down to Augusta post haste!
Mrs Holt Press has left for camp now but I won't get there until tomorrow. There is a silver lining to this particular cloud, the extra waiting allows me time to finish working on the newsletters in the comfort of my own computer rather than at the camp site with it's many jobs and distractions! Hopefully a couple of solid hours this evening will see the job completed.

I've had a couple of pleasant surprise phone calls in the last two days, firstly from Paul in San Diego to catch up and exchange news. He is the most positive and encouraging person I know and talking to him is always good tonic.
And this afternoon I've just had a call from 2Peter, one of my faithful readers who is visiting his mum and dad who still live in Busselton. (Peter's mum Aileen is a regular reader as well, Hi Aileen). We chatted for a while and I filled in some of the missing details from the Grand Final ticket story. We'd both like to catch up in person but with me under pressure in the morning to get to Augusta and him leaving for home in Tassie on Saturday it's highly unlikely to happen.
Take care and travel safely 2Peter.
While on the topic of Peter's, I rang 1Peter aka my Dad aka Pop last night because I heard them say on the cab radio that it had turned 2008 in the eastern states (a couple of hours ahead of WA because of the time difference.) I quicly rang Pop to say Happy New Year, only to discover that I'd forgotten Queensland is the odd man out on the eastern seabnoard and does not have daylight saving, thus it was only 11.00 o'clock there and the new year was still an hour away! Whoops! Sorry Pop! Happy New Year anyway, and legitimately now!

We'll be in Augusta for 10 days so I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get to do during that time, but I'll be trying to keep my readers happy. (Some of them will be happy to hear there'll be less blogging!!)

Happy New Year!

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