Thursday, January 10, 2008

Home Again

We're home again after our annual pilgrimage to Augusta. It was a good 10 days, notwithstanding a couple of difficult days for me emotionally in the middle. The weather was good, the people were great and the program went very well.
The pack-up went smoothly this morning and we got home in good time.
Sport Boy has remained at Augusta, staying on for a few more days with one of the families on the team. They have 4 kids so he'll have plenty of company. I'll go down in a few days and may stay a couple of nights with him before we come home. I'm driving the taxi Fri and Sat nights and Mon and Tue during the day.
It felt good to have a shave and shower and be back in our own home. We've got a great tent and the food is all provided while we're away so we don't exactly rough it but as everybody knows, there's no place like home.
There is something a little disconcerting brewing though; The Heir has offered to do the cooking for the next few days, not in itself a bad thing, but his first question to his mother was, "Do you have to soak lentils?"
That's not cooking!!
My protests appear to have fallen on deaf ears, and to make matters worse, with no defrosted meat in the fridge, there is a distinct possibility I'm going to be eating some sort of weird vegetarian concoction for dinner tonight!
Just as well I had a satay chicken panini at the bakery before we left!!


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Zaac said...

you werent complaining about the roast but, were you!