Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nathan's Bench Press

I had lunch with Nathan at the PD day today. Not only is he a chaplain, he's also the Asian Bench Press Record Holder. I don't know exactly what that means but I think it has something to do with being able to lift heavy stuff.
Rising to a silly challenge like, "Could you bench press me?" Nathan said "No worries" and proceeded to lay down on the floor, as a couple of hundred people had lunch and looked on in bemusement.
The trickiest part was getting hold of me with a decent grip, and getting me to lie stiff and not bend in the middle.
That accomplished he easily lifted and lowered me a couple of times. It was pretty cool, and pretty funny, and Dave managed to get a picture of most of the action.

I left a little early to get back home for beach volleyball then we wandered around the Petticoat Lane street markets for a while.
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