Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sport Boy Takes the Plunge

I took the two youngest boys jetty jumping a couple of weeks ago and took a couple of action shots with my new phone's camera. Tonight I've worked out how to upload them to the computer. The main thing I've been using the camera for is to take pictures of personalised number plates when I haven't got my proper camera with me. It's very handy but nowhere near as good quality so I have to get close-ups to be able to read the plates. One day I will get around to updating my Personalised Plates blog! In the meantime there's a link to a slideshow of a few hundred on the sidebar.

I drove the taxi today which meant an early start, and a different clientele, less of the drunken yobbo brigade and more of the shopping granny crew. I actually picked up Stu the Gardener's Great Grandma!

In my spare time I've been playing a lot of Scrabble on the computer, pitting myself against it at ever higher levels. My rating is about 1750, my opponent, the annoying Professor Maven, currently operates at 1900, his maximum setting is 2100. Just so you don't think I'm wimping out playing him below his best, let me give you a selection of the latest words he's thrown at me. I defy any of my readers to give a definition to any of them without the help of the best dictionary you can find!

Maven's Scrabble Words

How are you going? Know any of them yet?
Note how many of them are 7 or 8 letter words meaning that not only has Maven played yet another word I've never heard of but he's racked up a 50 point bonus in the process!
I get about a 1 second glimpse of Maven's tiles before he plays his lightning fast mega moves.
Today I saw he had the letters AAIOUBN and thought to myself, "He won't be able to do much with them!!"

How wrong can you be?

Can you do anything with them? With some effort I could construct a 4 letter word for maybe 8 points.

Not Maven though!

Maven just casually laid out all 7 letters to form the word OUABAIN!!!!!!!



I will send a prize of a year's free subscription to Holt Press to anyone who knows what OUABAIN means!!

I'll be impressed if you can even find it in your dictionary! It's not in mine.

That didn't stop Maven racking up 60+ points with it on his way to another belting for yours truly!

I have managed to beat him at 1900, 14 times in fact, each one of them hard fought and highly prized, giving me a win ratio of about 30%.

While I was away I foolishly flirted with him at a setting of 2000 and lost 5 straight games!

Leave your definitions, real or made up (Pop, the Heir) in comments!

I'll give you Maven's definition tomorrow!
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Peter said...

Marcus I'm surprised you didn't recognize this as the dialect of the African tribe closely related to the ubangi tribe... you know their chant, Ubangi, Ubangi, ubetcha, the closest translation of OUABAIN would be, "Oh you a been".... playing to much scrabble.

The Bear Lady said...

I like your defination Peter, but this is the correct one.

OUABAIN a cardiac stimulant

TIVY with great speed

OGIVE pointed arch
MOCHILA leather covering for a saddle

LITAI former monetary unit of Lithuania

ONIUM chatractised by a complex cation

SONATINE short sonata

VIRIL a metal ring or cap

AGOROTH monetary unit of Israel

GOBO a device to sheild a michrophone from noise

SUQ Souk.. a market place in northern africa

MOUJIK muzhik..a russian peasant

DOGVANES small vanes

GLOZE to explain away

CHON monetary unit of South Korea

SILUROID a silurid..any of a family of catfishes

TAMANDU a tamamdua.. an aboreal anteater

ARROYO creek

BOLA throwing weapon

AROYNT to aroint

WUD insane

KORAI african musical instrument

KORAI African musical instrument

AGOUTI a brrowing rodent

ZOOIDAL an organic cell cor body capable of independant movement

NERTZ nerts.. used to express defiance

something which you should use towards to Professor Maven

Marcus said...

Wow, and I always thought Pop was the smart one!!
Nice work Mum, you've blitzed all comers with that list.
The year's free subscription is all yours, hope you like it.

Also trust you made it safely across the Nullabor.
Say hi to Vicki and Rex for us.