Friday, January 04, 2008


I finally made it down to Augusta after several jobs and delays, replacing a fuse for the indicators and globe for the headlight in my car, looking for the missing wall panels for the marquee, returning a trailer to Vasse, picking up a fresh prescription of my tablets, photo copying the newsletters, paying bills and packing all my gear took me until about 3 in the afternoon. Thankfully my late arrival wasn't a problem, I have a greatly reduced role this year and therefore am not as involved in the set-up or leading of the festival.

While Perth swelters and bush fires threaten homes in the hills, Augusta is typically cold and damp. The tents provide good protection from the weather though and I've got a few warm clothes so that's not a problem either.

The printer was a problem! Bruce R. brought the wrong one down and it wasn't compatible with any of the laptops at camp so we've had top request help from the locals. I'm at Michael's place now, about to print 200 copies of the Augusta News, and am just grabbing the chance to blog while the printer gets set up.

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