Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It's Monday night in Augusta and I've just printed my final newspaper for the Festival. Tomorrow is our last day of program. Wednesday we debrief and pack up, Thursday we go home.
It's been good although I've hit a bit of a low the last couple of days.
We had a very special treat at lunchtime when we were introduced to Peter and Jean McSkimming who directed the very first Beach Mission at Augusta in 1962, 45 years ago. It was wonderful to meet them and hear some of their stories. There is a strong tradition at Augusta, WA's oldest and longest running Mission/Festival. My family have been coming for 13 years; Sport Boy has been every year of his life, and loves it. Many campers return to the caravan park year after year too, one family are celebrating their 50th consecutive Summer at Augusta this year.

I pulled out the paints for the first time this afternoon and worked on a small canvas. Hopefully I'll get more time to paint over the next couple of weeks.

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