Sunday, January 20, 2008

You Want to Go Where?

It's very late, or very early depending on your point of view and I'm about to go to bed after two marathon taxi shifts. Tonight's wasn't too bad but following on from last night's, when at 2.00am I got a customer who wanted to go to Perth, it made for a looonnnggg night/day/night!
In case you're wondering, the fare from Busselton to Perth was $332.
Sadly the customer was having some mental health problems and I had to take him to Graylands Psychiatric hospital (at his request) enroute he told me he was the Lord God. He was a nice enough guy but a little under-whelming for the omnipotent creator of the Universe!

It was too late (I was too tired) to drive back last night so I slept in the car for a couple of hours, then at the Robinson's for a couple more before picking up Fashion Boy and heading for home.

With only an hour's gap between getting home and starting tonight's shift there wasn't much time for anything other than watching Australia's brave but futile attempts to win the 3rd test against India.

Listening to the tennis on the radio kept me entertained, and awake, for several hours tonight as Lleyton Hewitt beat Marcos Bagdhatis in a 5 set marathon that started just before midnight and didn't end until 4.30am!!!!

Mrs Holt Press is working tonight at the Wyndham so we'll bnoth be sleeping in tomorrow and surfacing ome time in the afternoon.

Good night.

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