Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Black Jeep

I spotted this on the back of a Jeep the day we were leaving Augusta, so naturally I took a photo.
The Heir and Fashion Boy went to Perth today for a couple of days hanging out with friends.
I had lunch with the SW chaplains, at the Ship, surrounded by my paintings which the group seemed to like.
Once it cooled down a little Sport Boy and I went for a ride on our bikes into town. We went exploring and tried some tricks before I set out a course for him to race against the clock in the park in the middle of town.
Tonight I went to see Charlie Wilson's War, about the US response to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the 80's. It claims to be based on a true story but it painted a a pretty rosy picture of the USA and I'm not sure that reflects the real truth. I'll be interested to hear what Phil thinks of it seeing he has far greater knowledge and experience of Afghanistan and its history than me.
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