Friday, January 18, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

It's been a stinker in WA today although mercifully Busso is not as hot as Perth, which is where 3 of the 4 Holt Press children are at present; well two of them are at least to our knowledge, Favourite Daughter and Fashion Boy having gone to Planet Shakers. The Heir is missing in action. He went to Perth yesterday with a friend from work with the purpose of picking up a car he's buying from a girl on the beach mission team. I thought he was coming back last night but assumed he'd decided to stay up there for the night and come back today, but so far he has not reappeared. It's not a problem just a little mysterious. He's 20 and certainly big and ugly enough to look after himself. No doubt he'll turn up tomorrow. He'd better, he has to work tomorrow night!

Sport Boy has his friend Jed staying the night. We went jetty jumping this evening, once the worst of the heat had passed, then they had a go on a bungee trampoline at the travelling fair which has set up at the beach front in preparation for the Busselton Beach Festival which starts this weekend.

Now, to the question I posed in my last post: What does OUABAIN mean?

If you check the comments you'll see that both my parents submitted answers but one out-shone the other. Sure Pop's was inventive, even mildly amusing, and not without a grain of truth, but my mother not only got the right answer, but also provided definitions for the entire list of Maven's words! Very impressive Mum! Either you have been nursing a secret vocabulary you don't use when the family is around, or you've discovered the joys of on-line dictionaries. Either way, you win the prize. Your free year's subscription to Holt Press is in the mail.

Oh, yeah, OUABAIN is a cardiac stimulant! It sounds like a drug but brand names aren't allowed in Scrabble so I presume it's some sort of naturally occurring substance.

I checked the word HAHA tonight, and to my delight found it was permissable, BUT, the definition surprised me, it does not mean laughter.

See if you can find out what it means.


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