Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Art for Art's Sake

After the exertions of the last couple of days I was glad to be able to sleep in till lunchtime today. The hot weather in Perth made life a little uncomfortable, it's amazing the difference between there and Busso, just another reason why I won't move back there.
We went into the city to check out an art sale at the convention centre, a veritable supermarket of large production line original paintings, all for the one low price of a hundred dollars. Most were abstracts, few of which appealed to us. There were a couple of impressionist pieces that I really liked but Mrs Holt Press wasn't keen, nor able to be convinced, so we left empty-handed. Mind you, the paintings were so large that getting one home would have been a significant challenge.

After a coffee in the mall we headed for home and were glad to be going in the opposite direction to the majority, the north-bound traffic heading home to Perth after the Australia Day long weekend was bumper to bumper for several kilometres, especially around Mandurah.

We took the kids down to the beach and had pizza for tea before I hit some catches for Sport Boy. It was windy and cool so the older two retreated to the car and we weren't too far behind them.

School starts again in a week so only a few more days of freedom to enjoy.

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