Monday, December 10, 2007


I feel rested and recovered after the busyness of the last week and have just caught up on two of my favourite TV shows, The Amazing Race and Survivor. Watching them is almost like professional development, they give me ideas to try for myself in camps and programs.

This afternoon was largely devoted to junk mail as on top of the normal round I also did Fashion Boy's round in Peppermint Park because he was away in Perth for the weekend. He was due home on the bus tonight, BUT, he rang to say he'd missed the bus!
Of course he has no credit on his phone and had spent all his money over the weekend!
Favourite Daughter was in Perth for the weekend too but there was no room in their car for her brother so he was stranded.
Thankfully we have generous and helpful friends in the city and a phone call to the Hotchkins secured him a place to stay for the night and a ride to the busport in the morning where he'd better catch the 8.45 bus if he knows what's good for him!!!

This week is the last week of school which is always a good time. The hard work is over and it's just tying up loose ends before we finish. The camp went well but probably needed to be scaled back in difficulty by about 10%. There's gear to unload and distribute and clean up and pack away.
My office needs a thorough clean up so hopefully I'll get that done this week.
Then it's the Christmas holidays, yeehaa! followed by Beach Mission at Augusta.

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