Saturday, December 01, 2007


I actually felt like I made progress in my camp preparations today. It's been a bit like swimming through treacle at times but today saw significant achievements in securing a camp site for night one, finalising the groups, briefing two lots of kids, at Newton Moore and Busselton, printing the task and score books, and recruiting the extra staff member I needed. I even managed to requisition most of the cheques we'll need to pay the accounts and allowances.

Needless to say there is still plenty to do but it felt like I got over the hump today and with 4 days to go should manage to be ready in time.

We have special guests at the Holt Press Hotel, Sally and Warren are here for the weekend, and Callum is with them to the delight of Sport Boy. We had a BBQ tea tonight and tomorrow hopefully we'll get to show them around a few of the sites.
Only the junk mail stands in the way of a pleasant weekend with old friends!

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