Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Zoingo Boingo Brothers

When Sally Warren and Callum aka BBQ Sauce Boy came to stay for the weekend they brought a present for Sport Boy with them, a Zoingo Boingo. He had tried BBQ SB's ZB while we were in Perth and they realised it was the perfect present to get for him. He quickly got the hang of it and they then developed all sorts of tricks and techniques together. Here's some video of them in action.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day in the Holt Press Domestic Resources Dept. Our new washing machine will arrive! The old one had a melt down last week after 20 years of faithful service. Carolyn found a good price on a new one at The Good Guys but they were sold out. Harvey Norman agreed to match the price but they too were sold out! We then found one in Bunbury and got the same deal and it arrives tomorrow. Then comes the task of working through the growing mounds of dirty clothes that have been steadily accumulating for the last week!

I had my monthly dose of real live Scrabble tonight at the Scrabble Club and won both games although the second one had to be abandoned when I dropped the dictionary on the board, scattering the letters all over the table! It would have looked like a dirty trick but for the fact I was 100 points ahead at the time! Gael was happy to concede defeat. I scored 459 points in my first game, winning by over 200!


Minerva said...

I LOVE scrabble too Marcus, and how lovely to have found you again.. Those boingo things look fun although I just like the name so much I keep repeating it over and over again..


Marcus said...

Hi Minerva
Great to hear from you too. How are you?

The Zoingo Boingos are fantastic, although sadly they can only carry a person of 60kg or less, which well and truly counts me out!

Take care