Friday, December 14, 2007

One Day to Go

One more day!

The kids broke up today.

The staff finish tomorrow!


I know I had long service in third term so have already had an extended holiday this year but I'm tired and really looking forward to the break. Hopefully it will help recharge my batteries and see me start the new year fresh and fired up. I need to put in a better effort at work and to feel I am making a more consistent contribution.

I went and watched Sport Boy's basketball game this afternoon and he played well in a 24-20 win over his friend Sam's team. They enjoyed playing against one another and he couldn't stop grinning at the end cause the other team had been saying how much they were going to win by before the game!

The house is quiet tonight. Fashion Boy is sleeping over at a friend's place in Dunsborough. He's about to leave on Sunday to go and work on the harvest for Ozzie, a friend of ours from church, so wanted to have some time with his friends before he goes away. The job on the harvest is going to be hard yakka, I'm not sure how he'll handle it but hopefully he'll knuckle down and get the hang of working hard. He stands to earn plenty of money of he does.

Favourite Daughter is away at an SU Camp on the holy mile and despite being a bit out of her comfort zone seems to be having fun. She's not working at the moment so hopefully this will inspire and motivate her to get out and find another job.

Mrs Holt Press has also got a new job, starting in January working in reception at one of the resorts between Busselton and Dunsborough.
With this about to happen we have officially given notice on the junk mail rounds, and will not be the slightest bit sad to say farewell to it!

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