Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Procrastination Stops Here

First things first, I've just come home from Dave's having watched Spurs demolish Fulham 5-1! That's the sort of Christmas present I appreciate.

I only saw the second half because prior to that Mrs Holt Press and I were at the cinema watching a very funny film called Death at a Funeral. It had a LOT of bad language but despite that we enjoyed it and had a few good belly laughs.

You know those jobs you put off doing? The sort that your spouse reminds (nags) you about every week or so? Those jobs you know you ought to do but for some reason you just can't get yourself motivated to do?
And then, when the time arrives when you really need whatever it is that you should have fixed/cleaned/prepared/serviced you have to do it under adverse conditions, like unsuitable weather, or worse nagging!
I remember cleaning out clogged gutters in the middle of torrential rain on more than one occasion, that being the only way to stop the water banking up over the eaves and beginning to flow through the roof and down the inside of the windows!
Today was the day when another unfinished task came home to convict me!
It's been very hot here the last couple of days.
Lulled into a false sense of security by the mild weather of the previous month, I had avoided cleaning and servicing the air conditioning unit on the roof despite the repeated reminders from Mrs HP! But today, with the temperature approaching 40 I could put it off no longer. Mrs HP broke through the technology barrier and downloaded a copy of the owners manual for our particular system (with a little help from Fashion Boy) so that I could no longer plead ignorance about what was required. The whimpering of various Holt Press family members under the influence of the admittedly oppressive heat was too much and I dragged out the ladder and the screw driver and headed for the roof.
Sure enough, the AC system needed a good clean-up which I proceeded to do under the accusing glare of the scorching summer sun! Serves me right I hear you saying! Thanks for the sympathy!
Well, the job got done, better late than later I always say, and the rest of the day was made significantly more tolerable for two reasons, the circulation of cooler air throughout the Holt Press Homestead, and the reduction in whimpering and complaints from the afore-mentioned HP progeny.

I'll just sit back now and relive the highlights of Tottenham's victory in the comfort of my air-conditioned home!

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Holties House said...

Mum told me it was 44 in Fridgetown and "country WA was the hottest place on earth on Boxing day I think, definitely time to service the AC