Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kid Born in Shed Saves World

2007 years ago in an obscure village in Israel, a miracle occurred.
God, creator of everything, sent his son to be born of a peasant girl.
A host of angels appeared to local shepherds, announcing the birth of a child who would become the saviour of the world.
A star led wise men to the new born child and they brought him precious gifts.
His life is easily the most outstanding life ever lived.
His death the most remembered and significant death in all history.
His example, the supreme role model for all human beings.
His words will endure eternally.
His acts changed the entire course of the world.
His sacrifice opened a door back to God, available to all.
His promises provide hope and inspire faith in countless millions.

The kid born in the shed truly saved the world.

Today the Holt Press family remembered that birth and exchanged gifts in honour of the original Christmas.

Happy Christmas to all my readers!


Holties House said...

Hi, hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas.

Merle said...

Hi Marcus ~~ I liked this post and have copied it. Sorry to be late with comment, but I spent a week at Kathy's place at Princetown and am still catching up.
Glad you had a great Christmas.
Stay safe, take care, Love to you all, Merle.