Monday, December 17, 2007

Grand Final Bear

On Saturday I got to say thank you in person to the lady who gave me my ticket to the Grand Final. She's a 78 year old Eagles fan called Nan and on the morning of the game she woke up covered in a rash caused by a virus and was unable to go to the game. Her daughter Diane sat next to our friends the Smokers at the Grand Final breakfast and when she told them her mum couldn't go to the game they told her about me and she happily agreed to give me the ticket.
And I mean "give". She wouldn't accept any money for it, even though I had gone to the MCG with $1000 in my wallet prepared to pay all of it if I had to in order to get a ticket! (I'd been working and saving hard for months before hand in order to have enough money for the trip and a GF ticket). To receive it for free was truly amazing, a "miracle" in my book, and without doubt the best material gift I've ever received.
To thank Nan and Diane for their generosity I asked Mum to make a special bear for her which as you can see, is wearing both a Geelong jumper and a West Coast scarf!
Nan was absolutely thrilled and delighted when I gave it to her, and then produced another Teddy of her own, dressed in an Eagles jumper. If you play the video you'll see (and hear) it's other interesting feature.
It was lovely to see Diane again (we sat together at the game) and to meet her Mum and Dad.
They enjoyed hearing my story and how much it meant to me and then Nan said something remarkable.
"I'm so glad I got a virus that day"!


Anonymous said...

What a remarkable lady, in a series of remarkable incidents leading to your being able to fulfill your boyhood dream of seeing Spurs win the FA Cup and Geelong win the AFL grand final.

2Peter said...

Great story Marcus, what a lovely lady!

I must admit we'd been wondering how much you paid for the ticket!

All going well, I'll be in Busso Monday, are you around after Christmas?

Marcus said...

G'day 2Pete
we'll be in Bridgetown for a few days but should be here some of the time you're in town.
Give us a call.