Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Dinner

It's after midnight in Bridgetown and we've just enjoyed our traditional family Christmas gathering, a superb meal prepared with great love and care by my mum, with some assistance from a few assorted family members. Our contribution was to stay out of the way by arriving late this afternoon! The main reason for that was that I drove the cab until 6.00 o'clock this morning, and then took Sport Boy and his mate Jed to McDonalds for breakfast. I slept until about 1.30 then we packed and prepared for the drive to Mum and Walter's.
We exchanged gifts, we all draw one name out of a hat a few months before Christmas and buy a present for that one person. I got a Geelong theme song door chime!!

Christmas dinner was roast pork and turkey and all the trimmings followed by the highlight of Christmas, Mum's plum pudding! Mmmmmm, plum pudding! and ice cream! Mmmmm

Between the presents and dinner the men in the family went down to the Boat Park to play a spirited game of soccer squash, a long-standing family tradition. I'm pleased to report that "The Oldies" won.

We are very blessed and fortunate to live in such a wonderful country and to enjoy such freedom. I am more and more thankful all the time for all that I have.
The news of Benazir Bhutto's assassination in Pakistan and the threat of civil war there are further reminders of how lucky we are to live in Australia.

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