Saturday, December 15, 2007

We're All Going on a Summer Holiday

No more school for 6 weeks, yeehaa!

I spent the last few hours of the working year cleaning up and disposing of piles of rubbish and recycling. By the end, my office looked twice as large and 4 times more useable!
The sad part of the last day was the large number of teachers who are leaving/moving on! Not only was there a large quantity, but they were high quality too! Half the Country Week coaches have gone! Most significant of all is Duth (John Duthie) a legend at Busso and one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet who is taking 12 months off, which we all fear will be the prelude to retirement! I will miss him.

I've just gotten home from my cab shift which went well, the new system is great (so long as everyone uses it correctly!)

Tomorrow I'm going to Mandurah for a Beach Mission meeting, with a stop in Bunbury on the way to deliver a gift to the lady who gave me her Grand Final ticket.
Tomorrow night is one of the highlights of the Holt Press social calendar, it's the CFFL Winner's Dinner, where we honour the premiership coach in our fantasy football league, and get together to reminisce and talk footy one last time for the year. It's always a good night. This year we're having a BBQ at Letchy's and gathering around his fire-pit. I can't wait.

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