Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sport Boy "in training" at Kardinia Park

Sport Boy had a great time running around kicking a footy at Kardinia Park after the Cats had finished their training.
One bloke who watched him for a while encouraged him and said he had good skills and ability and perhaps he'd see him playing for the Cats one day!!
It's his first day back at school tomorrow and I'm going to give him permission to wear his Geelong jumper to school!! He's taken plenty of stick from all the West Coast supporters there over the last couple of years so it's only fair that he gets to celebrate a little and make some hay while the sun is shining!!

I went back to work today but it was a fairly gentle re-intergration, the students don't start back until tomorrow. I managed to create some work for myself by suggesting at the Student Services meeting that we run a camp for the year 8's early in term 1 next year, using year 11's as mentors, echoing a similar model we had at Carine. There was good support for the idea so the year coordinator (Jeff Holt would you believe?!) and I will start planning for it this term. I already have two Cool School Race Camps to organise for this term, one for Busso and another for Carine, so it is going to be a very busy 9 weeks!! Just as well I had the last 10 weeks off to recharge my batteries!!

I just finished watching a "reality" show I recorded last night, "The Abbey" a series on Compass, and it was fantastic, following the paths of 5 Australian women who have joined a Benedictine Monastery to live with the Nuns for 5 weeks. Having just spent three days at the Benedictine Monastery at New Norcia, though in a far more gentle way, it was fascinating watching each of the women coping with the discipline and challenge of monastic life. I can't wait for next week's episode.

I hadn't intended staying up this late tonight but I was folding a mammoth batch of junk mail while I watched TV. I didn't finish it but I got most of it done which means less for Carolyn to do in the morning.
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