Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Duke at Duke St

The Duke took a few knocks and scratches in transit before finally making it to Pop's place on the appropriately named Duke St.
I took it on the plane as hand luggage and security were concerned when it went through the x-ray machine and revealed two long metal bars. These must form the skeletal structure up through his legs that keep him upright. They took a look at him and decided he didn't pose a threat to anyone's safety. I wonder how the Duke would have liked that assessment!! Sadly, despite being wrapped and padded in bubble wrap he lost a chunk out of his cowboy hat somewhere between Melbourne and Gympie. Some decent glue should do the trick in fixing it. When we left he was proudly standing atop the tv cabinet, king of the lounge room.Pop, who if you haven't guessed, is a big John Wayne fan, was quite pleased with him.
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