Monday, October 15, 2007

Pigeon Pie

On the way down to the Gold Coast with Dad we stopped for lunch at a shop modestly calling itself "Famous Yatala Pies". The pies were good but the most memorable part of the visit was our departure. A pigeon landed on the roof of the car and decided to hitch a ride. We could hear it hopping around on top of the car but even as we began to pull out of the car park it didn't fly off. Dad attempted to persuade it by stopping suddenly but this just produced a scratchy metallic sound as it slid across the roof but maintained it's slippery grip. A quick take off had the same effect in reverse but our pigeon passenger refused to budge. A second, more violent stop resulted in it sliding all the way to the windscreen and we all saw it's wings appear through the front window but it would not be deterred. By this time we were all laughing our heads off and speculating on our feathered hitch-hiker accompanying us all the way to Surfers Paradise. I stuck the camera out the window and managed to get a picture of the culprit. As you can see, there were no stray pies or other food stuffs lying around to keep it's attention, it must have just been into joy-riding for thrills! Giving up on our deliberate attempts to dislodge it we eventually drove out of the car park and headed south, and presumably Mr Pigeon did the same because he wasn't on top of the car when we arrived at our destination.
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