Monday, October 08, 2007


We arrived safely in the South Australian capital about 7.00 o'clock last night, which was actually only 6.30 because having crossed the border we were given the free gift of an extra half an hour to add to our lives.
We used it watching Thank God You're Here which seems vaguely appropriate, and awaiting the arrival of Vicki and Rex, who had some unforseen delays mainly due to Rex leaving home without his American Express Card, and the wallet he keeps it in!

We did have one minor emergency on the way involving Sport Boy, his urgent need to go to the toilet, not for number ones!, and the fact we were 33km from Waikerie when this occurred. It was an anxious and painful wait before we finally made it to the sanctity of a dunny at the Waikerie Bakery. There's a song in this, or at the very least a limerick but time does not permit me to compose it now.
We've got a hire car to return.

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Peter said...

Tell Rex he is too young to be doing Grandpa stuff like leaving his wallet behind.

While on the road to Waikerie
We chanced upon a Bakery
No pie or bread
Our need instead
Was somewhat elementary
And so much dietary
While it now seems quite funny
Not then, when SB needed a DUNNY.

I've seen him go BUSH when the need was far less urgent....DON"T leave until he's been to the toilet.