Sunday, October 07, 2007

On the Road Again

Some of our wonderful hosts and hostesses on the trip:

Auntie Merle in Shepparton, my Dad's sister.

Auntie Ev (my Mum's sister) and Uncle Ken in Leongatha.

Dad, Grampa Peter, who we stayed with in Gympie.

We'll be leaving Mildura in an hour or so for our last stop before home, Adelaide, capital of South Australia. We've had a lovely stay with Julie and have really enjoyed the river town of Mildura.

It's been relaxing, the weather perfect and there's been a good mix of activities, hanging out and catching up.

Ahead of us is a 5 hour drive then a rendezvouz with Vicki and Rex at their unit in Adelaide.

We fly home on Wed 10th.

We've had a great trip and it's sad that it's nearly over but on the bright side, Favourite Daughter says she is missing us terribly and it will be good to see her and be home in our own home. And as Sport Boy just said, The Heir will be home in two weeks as well from his long trip overseas.


Zaac said...

tell jordan that it's traditional to smile in photographs.
rugby was gutting, i had the same over confident attitude going in as the one that cost the wallabies the match... the kiwi's lost too and they were tipped to take the cup! argentina are my dark horse and last hope.

Marcus said...

Mr Misery strikes again!!
There's several more where those came from!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus & Family,Glad youve had such a wonderful holiday I have followed your travels until my computer gave in completely but I have a brand new one now .Im told its the best in the family but I had better not skite.We will have to give Pete a hurry up with his blog he is letting the side down.Love to you all. Aileen

2Peter said...

Well... I drop into a mates place and who do I find but my Mum giving me a hard time!!

Sheesh, I knew I shouldn't have taught her about comments!!

Sounds like it's been a great holiday, all the best.

Marcus said...

C'mon you two, no domestics when you're visiting!!

Nice to hear from you both.
We'll call round for a visit when we get back home Aileen. I can give you the full run-down on the Grand Final, quarter by quarter!!

PS. 2Pete, always listen to your mother!

Zaac said...

when you get back hop on skype so we can chat please?