Friday, October 26, 2007

Help needed

Does anyone know how to put music on a powerpoint presentation?

If I knew how to do stuff like that and a few other shortcuts I'd have been in bed by now instead of just having finished a big Powerpoint!! (And still without music!)

To Perth tomorrow, the return of The Heir is imminent!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcus

What file type is your music? MP3 or .wav or something else?


Anonymous said...

Sorry also what version of Powerpoint?

Zaac said...

Step 1 - buy a mac
Step 2 - create slideshow on keynote
Step 3 - add music media to slideshow

quick solution for powerpoint is to run media player at the same time and play the song off of there, you can switch it to micro version so it doesnt have to fill the whole screen, it's far less professional but it'll work if you cant figure powerpoint out... i'd start saving for the mac if i were you ;]

Anonymous said...

Hey i thought you were on a plane :P


2Peter said...

If it's on one slide, do the following menus:

Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Sound from File...

If you want it across multiple slides:

Burn the track to a CD.
Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Play CD Audio Track...

That's about the best you can do (version 2002). If you move it to another PC, you might have to re-link the track by going through the menus again. You also have to play the whole track.

Marcus said...

Thanks everyone

We had some success but then had a malfunction with the presentation on one particular slide and the whole thing froze and refused to budge! I'd downloaded an image from Google Earth and that seemed to be the culprit.

Not to worry, the whole event was a resounding success, as you'll see from my latest post.