Sunday, October 14, 2007

Phone Call at Surfer's Paradise

We went down to the Gold Coast for three days and on the first night went for a walk along the beachfront at Surfers. As we were about to take a picture my phone rang and an Indian sounding voice asked if I was Marcus Holt. Suspecting a tele-marketer from the sub-continent I warily confirmed my identity and began looking for a way to politely end the call.
But the next thing he said took me by complete surprise.
"Are you the Marcus Holt who has paintings in a gallery in Busselton?"


"I've just become manager of a restaurant at The Ship Hotel and I'd like to hang your paintings in the restaurant"

Fair Dinkum?

"Yes. I'm not offering to buy them you understand, but if you let us hang them we'll put tags next to them saying who painted them and what price they are. "

I was pretty stunned but in a pleasant way. It certainly gave my ego a nice stroke! Imagine someone wanting to hang my art in their restaurant!!

The timing wasn't very good. They were opening in 2 weeks and I wouldn't be back in WA for a month so I didn't know if he'd still be looking for art works for the restaurant by the time we got back to Busso but it was pretty cool being considered.
I'll go and see him tomorrow or Monday and see if he's still interested.

NB. I received a cheque in the post this week for the sale of one of my paitings at Art Geo for $350, less their 20% commission.
I was pretty stoked about that too.
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