Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Brother and Pop popping the biggest Surprise

One of the highlight's of the night was when Alan received a tap on the shoulder and turned around to discover Dad standing there.
Pop had flown in from Queensland for the party, along with our sister Vicki who'd come from Wudinna via Adelaide.
This was something of a good-natured "Birthday pay-back" as the three of us had flown over to Queensland to surprise Dad for his 70th birthday last year.
It was a great night of fun and celebration as Alan was surrounded by all his family and friends.
The Powerpoint I'd been working on was a tribute to my Big Brother. Fashion Boy managed to finally get the music attached to it, a soundtrack of Beatles songs, and it went very well until it reached a certain slide onto which I'd downloaded a picture of John Forrest High School from Google Earth and the Powerpoint froze and refused to budge no matter what format or hardware we tried it on.
FB had also set a collection of photos of his Uncle Alan sent down by Jenna to music and that looked great when we played it on the TV.
There were presents, cake and a couple of short speeches and a great deal of fun was had by all.

We continued to party this afternoon when all the family re-assembled at Alan and Lyn's and spent the next few hours laughing at a succession of stories and anecdotes from our collective childhoods. It was one of the best family gatherings I can remember, even though many of the stories told were at my expense!.On the way home to Busselton Sport Boy said to me, "So, Dad, sounds like you were the rebel of the family!"

I solemnly reminded him that what's said in the family stays in the family! and that nothing that he'd heard in the previous few hours was to be repeated for "News" at school, or anywhere else!!
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