Thursday, October 25, 2007

Holt Pulse

As a follow up to yesterday's lung test at the Busselton Health Study I went back today for an ultrasound on my Carotid arteries (the ones in my neck, and yours too probably) and was given a clean bill of cardio-vascular health.

To celebrate I went round to the Kent St Bakery and had a pie for lunch, and followed that with a piece of chocolate hedgehog for good measure!!

Camp prep, junk mail, painting and an aborted trip to the park to play with Sport Boy took care of the rest of my day. The abrupt halt was due to the rapid descending of the mozzies! It's the beginning of Bug season in Busselton and they are out in force.
Riding my bike is hazardous, especially if I happen to open my mouth!

On the family front the big news is that sometime tomorrow The Heir will board a plane and head for home after nearly two years in England.

He arrives on Friday afternoon. Favourite Daughter and I are going up to Perth to meet him off the plane.


Zaac said...

i have said this before but its nearly two and a half years... clearly i've been missed! ;]

Marcus said...


I can't remember all the dates and movements, I just know you've been away a long time.

See you soon
Take care
Love dad

Anonymous said...

Dear Heir-

Please give me your contact info in England.

I am in Europe periodically!



ps. you can get my contact info from your grandma

Marcus said...

You're a little late Josh, he's coming home tomorrow!

Hope you are all well.

Zaac said...

hey josh, if you need somewhere to stay etc in england, contact guy stephen james lowe through my facebook, he's in oxford. gutted to have missed you mate! would have been quality to catch up, will have to wait til i get over to the states!