Saturday, October 27, 2007

He's Back

The Heir has returned, looking surprisingly slim and not too scruffy. Favourite Daughter and I were there to meet and greet him off the plane, a lazy 20 hour flight from Heathrow with a 2 hour stop in Singapore. He seems happy and healthy and not too jet-lagged.
Hopefully there won't be a huge period of readjustment for him. He did the decent thing by not corrupting his Aussie accent while he was away.

We called in to Carine to drop off some picture files for the camp then I had a late lunch at HJ's before the kids dropped me off at Sally and Warren's. They are staying at the Robinsons tonight and we'll catch up again tomorrow.

Carolyn and the boys are coming up to Mandurah in the morning for the Beach Mission training day, I'll get a ride down with the Van Wollies.

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