Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to You

Jordan's, aka Fashion Boy, only disappointment with his birthday cake was that he couldn't get his Zippo lighter to work to light the candles.
Why has he got a Zippo lighter I hear all the reasonably minded adults ask?
Does he smoke?
Is he a pyromaniac?
No, he's a 16 year old boy.
Oh, now I understand.
ie. There doesn't need to be a sound or sane reason for a 16 year old boy to have a Zippo lighter or any other odd and unnecessary gadget or piece of equipment, the only issue to be considered is, is it cool?
If so, it's worth having!

He has just returned home from a weekend in Perth where he went to a concert on Friday night called Taste of Chaos.
Sounds encouraging!
Lots of Emo bands apparently, although as Fashion Boy is quick to point out, he's not emo, no way.
But he did get his ear pierced for his birthday, a fact which when discovered by his conservative Christian school, resulted in them saying that according to school policy, which can't discriminate between boys and girls, that if a student has a piercing, it must be duplicated on each ear!
Imagine FB's delight on hearing this!
He insisted the deputy principal ring us to break the news on the grounds that we would never believe it if he told us himself.
Probably right!

The concert, and the weekend in Perth, sound like they went well, fun was had, no-one died, or set fire to anything, and he has a burgeoning CD case full of freshly pirated music courtesy of Amy, having stayed at the Robbo's place while in Perth, and having been transported there and back by Amy's boyfriend Greg, with whom he seems to have gotten along very well.

The test now will be whether he gets to school on time in the morning, following this morning's 3am bedtime!
Taste of Chaos or Taste of Freedom leading to Chaos?!
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Zaac said...

ahhhhhhh! ok, intervening big brother, he is NOT to have a piercing in each ear unless he gets the puncture ring ones, anything else will make him look homosexual (which i assume he's not..?) and before you react with the typical parent "no he will not have puncture rings" you can v small ones that will close up and won't leave a gaping hole in his ear and it will look SO MUCH better!
church camp sounds amazing, i'm really annoyed that i'm going to have to wait a year to get to one! love you lots!

jordan said...

*tongue blowing*
as if, im not homosexual, and im getting normal rings, i hate the ones your talking about, and im getting them in the top of my ear, not in the earlobe, neither of which are pierced