Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Night

In between fares and flat periods in the taxi last night I listened to the footy and as it neared a very exciting climax came home to watch the last few minutes. Collingwood overcame the odds and came back twice to win with a goal kicked in the last minute, knocking out the much hyped Adelaide Crows.

So next Saturday night it will be the Cats and the Magpies in the prelim final playing for a place in the Grand Final, against the winner of St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs. We were at the prelim final between Geelong and Collingwood in 2007 and it was an unbelievably tense affair. Hopefully we'll account for them a bit more comfortably this time, although I'll take any sort of win so long as we win! I expect it to be a Cats v Saints GF. They've been the best two teams by far all season and the GF deserves to be the final showdown of the best teams in the league.

My dilemma now is what to do with the tickets I booked (with reward points) to fly to Melbourne several months ago. I have to make a decision before A. I know whether the Cats are in the GF and B. whether I have a ticket for the game! Do I go for the GF or do I postpone the flights till next year some time? (I was going to go to Melb for a week and see the prelim and Grand Finals in the original plan but with the trip to NZ coming up in November I can't afford that much time off work). Either way there will be a monetary cost (More points actually which seems less of an impost) for the changes but going now will mean only changing one flight and thus one extra charge. There's also a clash with Sport Boy's Country Week soccer tournament in the first week of the holidays. Lots of things to consider. Tricky.

I'm leaning towards going, but...

Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions or advice!

The cab was actually verging on busy last night, a welcome change. Winter and the GFC have not been kind to the cab business in Busso the last few months.

This morning I took Sport Boy to Bunbury for his tennis academy training. On the way we caught the last quarter of the SWFL Colts prelim final and saw Busselton go down in a thriller to South Bunbury by 4 points; a few kids from school play in the team, no doubt they'll be disappointed when I see them tomorrow.

While SB was at tennis I hunted for garage sales but didn't find much. One had the best signs and the worst wares I've seen at a garage sale in a long time! Absolutely nothing of interest.

Another GS proprietor had obviously had enough because there was a large sign out the front saying "Everything Free". Even with such an attractive pricing scheme there wasn't a lot to get excited about, just a couple of box games, a couple of old watches (I have an art project brewing that will require a largish number of old watches), a cane window blind and some computer labels.

After tennis we went and got some lunch at HJ's and had a look around Big W. I found a fantastic book called "The Encyclopedia of Immaturity" which had Sport Boy and I laughing and smiling all the way home. We also briefly watched some very cool and very fast remote controlled racing cars at Hay Park, high speeds and spectacular stacks with no danger of drivers being hurt.

Mrs Holt Press worked all weekend but was home by the time we got back. All of her spare time and energy this week has gone into clearing all the debris out of the front room and setting up her sewing/craft/womens stuff in the "spare" bedroom. Both rooms look good as a result. It was leftovers for dinner and The Bourne Ultimatum on TV tonight, a good way to wind up an eventful weekend.

I'm sad to report that Tottenham's winning streak has come to an end at the hands of Manchester United, 3-1. It was good while it lasted!

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