Friday, September 25, 2009

Melbourne Turns on a Grey Day

As predicted, it's been a very wet grey day in Melbourne, making the Grand Final parade a damp and subdued affair. The players rode in the cars rather than on the back as they normally do. The crowd was noticeably pro-StKilda, perhaps the Cats fans weren't too fussed about getting wet seeing as it's Geelong's third Grand Final in a row? When the opposing captains jointly held aloft the premiership cup I yelled out "That's the last time you'll get to touch it Nick" and a few Saints fans looked at me with a mixture of pity and incredulity!

the parade I went to the MCG to collect my ticket. That's what I thought at least! It seemed a natural conclusion to draw that Grand Final tickets would be available for pick-up at the venue where it is played! Not so! There were no ticket windows open at all and instead I had to go to the Ticketek outlet outside Rod Laver Arena. But, regardless of where and how, I'm happy to report that I now have the ticket in my possession. It is only a standing room ticket but no matter, I'll be there!

I spent the rest of the afternoon looking around Swan St and Bridge Rd Richmond in my on-going search for sports badges and old watches. I found a few badges but had no luck with watches (at the price I'm willing to pay for them that is, which isn't much!) They don't have to be working but even with this generous condition I wasn't able to find any today.

Once the Grand Final and hopefully the celebrations, are over I'll continue my search.

While on the subject of post GF activity, if the Cats win I'll join the throng of celebrating Cats fans at Fed Square and beyond, hopefully catching up with Scott. If we lose I'll go to Etihad Stadium to watch the NRL Preliminary Final between the Melbourne Storm and the Brisbane Broncos.

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