Saturday, September 05, 2009

Relly Rally

We've got a house full of rellies for the weekend. My sister Vicki and husband Rex from SA and my brother Alan and wife Lyn arrived tonight and Mum and Walter will be here in the morning so it's a good old fashioned "Relly Bash". It's great to have them all here and I'm sure there'll be plenty of laughs and good times over the weekend.

They all went on a chartered fishing trip off Perth today, with equal amounts of fish and chunder being extracted and deposited by the sounds of it. I'm looking forward to tasting some of the spoils, snapper and mulloway are on the menu.

There are other interstate visitors in town, Chris, the chaplain at Box Forest in Melbourne is here with his band Skipping Girl Vinegar and they were playing at The Royal Palms tonight. I went down for a little while to hang out before the show then saw the opening 3-4 songs of their set before the family arrived at home and I took my leave. They are a really good band but there wasn't a very big crowd to appreciate their talents.

The house is quiet now, everyone's in bed, and I'll be there shortly. Tomorrow morning we're all going to Sport Boy's soccer game, the first round of the knock-out finals, we have to win to stay in. It will be fun having some extra supporters at the game.

After that I'll be racing home to watch the footy, the qualifying final between the Cats and the Dogs! Go Cats!

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Doggy doggy doggy - woof, woof, woof!