Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pins & Painting

My favourite collection, my football badges, AFL, soccer and Rugby, with pride of place going to my Geelong badges.
My badge and pin collection is growing steadily and I have hung a few completed boards on the wall in the study. I'm focussing on collecting sports badges in particular. These ones are Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and a mix of other sports, tennis, golf, racing etc.
These ones are specials or favourites that I've either had for a long time, like the Capital Radio badge I got while living in London in the early 80's or were given to me, like the bowling club badges that belonged to my Grandfather Alex Burmeister or the Sunbeams badges that I inherited after Nanny 'Falia died, the Lenin badge Phil gave me, the Fusion Bushfire badge, Carine and Busselton HS badges, or that represent something or someone I like, a place I've been or thing I've done, Skydeck, Eternity, Chris' band Skipping Girl Vinegar, The Beatles, JFK, YFC, YWCA, Toc-H, RYLA, Nathalia, the U.N. Peanuts, and an assortment of Christian pins.
And, for something a little different, this is my most recent painting, entitled "What will it profit a man?"
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