Monday, September 07, 2009

All the Fun in the Family

We've had a wonderful weekend with the family as the smiles confirm.

The visitors have all gone to Bridgetown and it's late Sunday night so I'll just list the highlights of a busy weekend.

Friday night Skipping Girl Vinegar played at The Royal Palms and I got to hang out for a little while with Chris and the band.

Eating fresh fish, snapper and mulloway, caught on the fishing trip and cooked on the BBQ.

Sport Boy's soccer game finishing in a 2-1 victory against St Joseph's, a tense and exciting affair. We're through to the semi finals next weekend. Rex and Alan videoed the game, something I've been wanting to do all season.

Geelong showed their premiership credentials with a convincing win against the Bulldogs to go through to the AFL Preliminary Final. The household celebrated and I swapped numerous text messages with friends in Esperance, Perth and at the MCG. Go Cats.

I found some great stuff at a couple of garage sales before and after the soccer.

I drove the taxi last night in a disappointingly quiet shift: the money is useful but I'd have rather stay home with the guests.

Rang Dad this morning for Fathers Day, a rarity having three of his kids all together to talk to him at the one time on Fathers Day.

Sport Boy gave me a Fathers Day card and signed it "Happy Birthday".

The Heir and Favourite Daughter both rang to wish me happy fathers day.

Spike had a great time at Fraser's 18th birthday party.

Brisbane came back from the brink to knock Carlton out of the finals.

StKilda let the air out of Collingwood's hyped up balloon.

We went to Goanna Gallery where numerous lovely items were purchased.
Then onto Dunsborough for coffee and cake.

Swedish meatballs from IKEA for dinner followed by most people being transfixed by the final of Dancing with the Stars and me doing my best to stir them up with wisecracks and mock interest.

And a final family photo shoot before they all left for Mum and Walter's. It would be nice to go with them but I have to work! We did give Vicki and Rex a gift to take with them, a picture of poppies in a field in pastels by Jenny Taylor to go with the decor in their newly renovated home at Wudinna.

As Sport Boy said, "I love it when all the family come and visit". A great time was had by all.


Peter said...

Good times that happen all to rarely, send me some photos.

Marcus said...

No worries Pop
We didn't take many but will send what I've got. Rex may have more.

We should make it a regular event, perhaps with rotating venues.
And of course, you should be there too.

Good to talk to you yesterday.

Lyn said...

Really nice photo!