Saturday, September 26, 2009

Geelong Win the Grand Final

What a game! What a Grand Final! Easily the most tense and stressful game I've ever been to. I started the day believing Geelong would win and the opening gave me confidence but from that point on St Kilda were fantastic and as the game went on looked more and more like winners, especially when they kicked goals at the end of the first second and third quarters to lead at each change.
The weather was awful, cold grey and showery with blustery winds to boot. At 3/4 time I thought we were gone. The last quarter took everything to a whole new level, PRESSURE, INTENSITY, FANATICAL DETERMINATION, DESPERATION like I've never seen, heroic acts from both sides, but in the end the Cats kept St Kilda goalless and kicked three themselves to win the game.
I was an emotional wreck by then but when the siren went I gave the policeman standing next to me a huge bear hug!!
It took me several minutes to compose myself enough to join in singing the song!
What a game!
What a Grand Final!
The mighty Cats are Premiers!
And I'm just about to watch the replay!


Julie said...

Thought you would be there Must have been a thrill to see them do it again
I couldn't go but sat on the edge of my chair holding my breath all afternoon
Well don CATS

Marcus said...

I also wondered if you had gone to the game.
It was fantastic to be there again though very stressful. Last time was easy, this was beyond hard!