Saturday, February 07, 2009

What do you call people from Monaco?

Thank goodness it's the end of the working week. Getting back into the routine of working every day was tough!! I've just finished my Friday night shift in the taxi. It was dead as a doornail the first 4 hours then busy the rest of the night. For some reason I got a lot of good tips tonight which helped compensate for the quiet first half. I slept for a couple of hours between finishing at work and starting in the cab; without that I would have really struggled. The irony is that now I don't feel very tired! That won't stop me sleeping in in the morning though.

I rang the ABC late night radio quiz tonight because I knew the reason Peter Daicos was in hospital was that he'd been bitten by a red-bellied black snake, some sort of Essendon revenge for the 1990 Grand Final perhaps? By the time I got on the question was "What are the residents of Monaco known as?" I was the about the 8th person to be stumped by this question; my answer of "Monagolians" was sadly incorrect.
So, do you know? Without Google or any of its poor relations' help that is.
Leave your answer in the comments if you happen to know. I'll be very impressed.

On the subject of Monaco, Somerset Maugham described it as "A sunny place for shady people."


The HoJo's said...

there is a q in the word :o) you wouldn't really expect that would you? although I could be spelling it wrong....

The HoJo's said...

and a g, a q and a g :o)