Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogging From the Backyard in Belmont

I'm at the Tero's place, about to sleep in the caravan in the bed that was last slept in by Mrs Holt Press the night before she flew to Melbourne. I suspect she was a lot more comfortable than I'll be considering both she and the bed are about a foot shorter than me.
The trip to Perth went smoothly. I found some cool toys at a garage sale in Mandurah enroute and managed not only to arrive at the big CFFL Winners Dinner/Pre-season draft on time but also first. The next 6 hours were devoted to the discussion of that most wonderful of all pasttimes, AFL football. We debated rules, voted on changes, appointed a new commissioner, bought players in the auction then followed up with the draft to select our teams for the 2009 season. After the business came a BBQ and the wrap-up and post mortem of the afternoon/evening's proceedings. It was glorious! Apart from Grant having pre-heated the spa when the temperature was pushing 40 which meant we never got in it, it was perfect. And the icing on the footy cake was Geelong's win over Adelaide in the NAB Cup.
A bunch of mates, food and drink, a barbie and more footy than you can poke a stick at, does it get any better than that?
No it doesn't.

In the morning I'll explore the Belmont Swap Meet for a couple of hours, meet Hugh for coffee in Mt Lawley, then go and pick up Mrs HP from the airport. 3 hours later we should be home.

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