Friday, February 13, 2009


I've been swimming in paperwork today trying to get all the risk management/water safety/event application forms completed for the Beach Carnival. It's painful but I'm finally making some progress.

This morning started early with an appointment with the Busselton Health Study Diabetes Testing unit. I spent a couple of hours there giving samples of blood & urine, completing umpteen surveys, and under-going a battery of tests for vision, balance, reflexes, intelligence and memory, lung capacity, blood pressure, vascular pressure, body fat, and foot sensitivity.
Significant results included being able to reach 100% lung capacity and expel 5.9 litres of air in one second, measuring 187cm when I stand fully erect, having slow response times in my big right toe, having a resting heart rate of 59, blood pressure of 120/75, being told I looked 38 not 47 and having a waist measurement of 109cm!!!!!! This is the number one predictor for diabetes apparently and measuring more than 108cm is a sign of almost certain diabetes occurring!!!!

Time to do something about it. I've already decided on my course of action. I'm not going back for any more tests!!!!

Actually I'm doing a follow up sleep apnea test tonight. But after that, no more tests!!!!

Footy training for Super rules is on tomorrow night, might be time to pull the boots back on!!

In other news, Mrs Holt Press leaves for Perth tomorrow and early Saturday morning flies to Melbourne for a week to join her family in celebrating her Dad's 90th birthday! That's a big milestone and except for losing his eyesight to macular degeneration and problems he's had with his legs for years he's in pretty good health.

I've recruited Favourite Daughter as chief cook in her Mum's absence, not because of gender, but because of availability. After all, I will have to carry on working while Mrs HP is away partying!

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