Thursday, February 19, 2009

All Work

Work work work. I managed to get another big task completed today, preparing letters, permission forms, memos and checklists for every kid in the school to go to the Beach Carnival. But there are several more big jobs to come before I can relax. Tomorrow arvo I'm taking 20 kids (the Student Council and the House Captains) away on a student leaders overnight camp at the Deer Farm in Margaret River. Friday night I'm in the cab. Saturday arvo I'm going up to Perth for a footy dinner and to pick up Mrs Holt Press who arrives back in WA on Sunday. Next week will be just as hectic. Beach Carnival prep all week with a PD day squeezed into the middle in Bunbury and the first training session in Busso for the kids in the SW Football Academy, Clontarf's program for helping Aboriginal kids complete their education. I've been offered the role of contact person and mentor for the 15 odd boys from Busso who've been invited to join the Academy. Finally, the Beach Carnival itself on Friday 27, being held at Meelup for the first time so lots of extra logistics to consider.
I will be relieved when it's all over.

Good news; The Hair is feeling much better and with a little bit of luck should make it back to school tomorrow. I took him to the Dr today who spent a long time checking him out and asking questions. He gave him a referral for a CT scan, told him to cut coffee out of his diet, and to give up head-banging! He even praised the virtues of short hair! I could have hugged him!

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