Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Favourite Daughter is back home after a few days in Perth. It's nice to have her back, and not just because she washed the dirty pots and frypans that had been piled up on the bench. I'm skilled at loading the dishwasher, and telling the nearest Holt Press offspring to empty it, but washing pots and pans is to be avoided.
Together we made dinner tonight; FD cut up the veges and I cooked them and the hamburgers on the Barbie.

Work is busy and hectic with about three projects on the go on top of the usual array of phone calls, drop-ins and interruptions. I generally like it busy but it can be tiring trying to keep all the balls in the air.
I watched a movie tonight for some R&R. Wrong! The film I chose was "There Will Be Blood". If you've seen it you know what I mean. If you haven't I don't recommend it. It's a good film but harrowing to watch. Daniel Day-Lewis plays the lead role as a driven "oilman" who lets nothing stand in the way of his quest for oil and wealth, not friends, family, competitors, not his son, not even God and he leaves a trail of death destruction and cold-blooded ruthlessness and cruelty in his wake.
I don't know if it's based on a real life character. I hope not. Day-Lewis lives up to his usual reputation as one of the finest actors of his generation but this is not an uplifting movie experience.

The Hair has not been well and has missed the last two days of school with a bad headache and associated illness. He has been a mess and asked me to make a Dr's appointment for him in the morning. I've said it before but there are few things in life more difficult than seeing your children suffering. He has been more affectionate of late, giving me hugs and telling me he loves me. I don't know if his Mum's absence or his feeling sick have anything to do with it but it is comforting to know my dread-locked thrash metal-loving 17 year old son is happy to display his feelings. I know he's genuinely not well at the moment. Firstly because he tried to ring his teacher tonight to explain his absence, then said "I can't miss any more school", and finally because he then said to me, "What if I've got a tumour in my head that's causing my headaches?" I think he's watched too much "House"! I tried to reassure him but now there's a tiny little seed of nagging doubt rattling around inside my head!
I told him we can ask the Dr to check it out.

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