Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scrabble Club

I took Winchester aka Toni to Scrabble Club tonight. That's what she wants to be called. I don't know why. I laughed every time I had to introduce her. She loves Scrabble but this was Scrabble at a whole new level! Scrabble with strategy and lists of two and three letter words! Scrabble with blocking moves! Scrabble played by experts!

She came away with the realisation there was a lot to learn in order to improve her game, but she said she'll be back next month.

I won all three of my games although I thought I was going to lose the last one, I didn't get in front until the very last turn! Even when I made a 7 letter word, "livings", for a 50 point bonus, Olive hit straight back with "quit" an a triple word score and the Q on a double letter! 66 points coming straight back at me! I was under pressure but was able to make "mickey" and go out to win! Mickey is defined in the official Scrabble dictionary as "slipping something in somebody's drink" from memory.

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