Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spurs Take the Points

I didn't make it to the 5.00am screening of the soccer despite waking up needing to go to the dunny at 4.00. I did get to see the replay this evening though and am very happy with the result, a 2-1 away win at Hull City. Breakfast was off the menu but Glass Dave invited me to stay for dinner and very nice it was too, kangaroo with bacon strips and salad, very tasty and nicely prepared. Dave's girl troubles prompted him to say he may have to turn gay to find a compatible relationship!! I said that may deter me from coming round to watch the soccer with him! Come on girls, there must be someone out there looking for a house-trained man with impressive culinary skills who can keep him on the 'straight' and narrow!

After the Youthcare committee meeting tonight Adriane the new chaplain at CNC, Steve and I went to the Vasse for coffee and catch-up then I went to cheap Tuesday at the movies to see Ghost Town with Ricky Gervais. It was quite good, not as funny as I expected but still entertaining. I had wanted to see Gran Torino but it was on earlier. Steve told me it's great so I need to make an effort to see it before it finishes in Busso.

I've sent my apologies for the PD day in Bunbury tomorrow, I've got too much to do for the beach carnival to afford a full day out of the school. As it is I'm not sure I'll be ready for Friday.

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