Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Best of the Badge Collection

My badge collection is continuing to grow, thanks to the addictive nature of ebay, and the contributions of friends and family. This is my "Special Badges" board with the ones that have the most significance or history or sentimental value. The picture would have one new addition in it, if I could find my camera, I think I left it at work, along with my phone! The new one is a Tottenham badge sent to me by Irish Jayne, a fellow Spurs tragic, who also broke the news to me this morning that Robbie Keane has rejoined Tottenham after a brief and presumably unhappy stay at Liverpool. I'm expecting several more packages in the next week or two, mostly from Great Britain and Europe.

I'm starting to get into work mode at work and had a more productive day today. My role as House Coordinator and Beach Carnival organizer is going to keep me pretty busy this term. Tomorrow I'm visiting a few year 8 classes to introduce myself to the new kids in school and explain my role to them, as well as demonstrating a few of my toys and puzzles.

The lack of camera also means I can't let you see my latest creations. I tried something new tonight, sculpting with rusty wire to make some light shades and I'm very pleased with the results, especially at the first attempt. Hopefully I'll have pictures for tomorrow night.
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